One Sentence Synopsis – The Results!

Okay, so earlier in the week I put out a one sentence summary of a film and asked you guys to to guess what film it was describing. This is the line I gave you –

A sexually frustrated man has a meltdown when he developes an inappropriate obsession with a young woman he knows.

And the film was, of course, American Beauty, as guessed by the following people:

Robb (Red Bezzle)

Sam (SGLiput)

Rob (MovieRob)

Thanks to everyone who took part, and well done to the three of you who got it right. Clearly I’m getting better at putting these out there so that people struggle to guess them. See you on Wednesday for the next round!


Published by

Kira Comerford

Film and TV lover with hopes to one day make my own projects for everyone to enjoy. Until then, I'm giving my thoughts on what I watch for inspiration.

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