One Sentence Synopsis – The Results

Okay, so earlier in the week I put out a one sentence summary of a film and asked you guys to to guess what film it was describing. This is the line I gave you –

Three bootlegging siblings find their livelihood under threat from the law in Depression-Era America.

And the film was, of course, Lawless, as guessed by the following people:

Carl (Listening To Film)


Tom (Plain, Simple Tom Reviews)

Darren (Movie Reviews 101)

Marcus (The Marcko Guy)

That Film Geek Site (That Film Geek Site)

Well done for getting it right guys! Looks like I’m going to have to step things up another notch with the next round though. This Wednesday coming will bring Round 3 to you all, so I’ll see you again then.


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One day, I will be an actress and filmmaker. Until then, I write about films and TV - reviews, trivia, whatever takes my fancy really. I'm also one of the hosts on Talking Stars and am currently attempting to be a vlogger of some sort, although that's a work in progress ;)

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