Play To The Whistle Blogathon (in case you missed it!)

For those of you who missed it last week, I’m currently planning on hosting the Play To The Whistle Blogathon from June 3rd – July 8th 2017 to coincide with the British and Irish Lions tour. Joining me in this venture is Josh from Reffing Movies, and already we’ve gained interest from a handful of fellow film bloggers, including MovieRob, Drew, Catherine, Carl and Charlene.

Any sports film will qualify, so if you’ve got a movie that you want to share with the world, send us your review(s) to feature in the event!

If you’re interested, just let me or Josh know either by the comments section, email, Twitter or carrier pigeon, and make sure you’ve sent your entries in by May 26th 2017.

You can send your review(s) to or
We’re looking forward to receiving your contributions – ready, set, go!


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One day, I will be an actress and filmmaker. Until then, I write about films and TV - reviews, trivia, whatever takes my fancy really. I'm also one of the hosts on Talking Stars and am currently attempting to be a vlogger of some sort, although that's a work in progress ;)

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