Play To The Whistle Blogathon

Any rugby fan will tell you that this summer is a big one for the sport – the British and Irish Lions are touring New Zealand between June and July! Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I really get behind Leinster and Ireland when they’re playing, so these special matches are something I am very much looking forward to.To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to hold a blogathon, and I’m teaming up with Josh from Reffing Movies for this momentus event. He’s another fan of the game with a funny shaped ball, so is a fine addition to the line up here.

The rules are simple – just submit a review of any film of your choosing that has sport as a main theme or feature. You can send your submissions to me at or Josh at Make sure you have sent all the reviews you would like to feature by May 26th 2017, ready for the blogathon to kick off on June 3rd.

This is the first blogathon I’ve hosted (and depending on how well it goes, it could very well be the last!), so please get on board to try and make it reasonably successful. Between us, we’ve come up with an idea that we’re hoping will make our blogathon a little different to some of the others we’ve seen, so keep an eye out for our first posts, which will give you a taste of what’s to come.

If you’re interested in taking part, let me or Josh know via Twitter, email, or the good ol’ trusty comments section, and feel free to share this post to spread the word.


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One day, I will be an actress and filmmaker. Until then, I write about films and TV - reviews, trivia, whatever takes my fancy really. I'm also one of the hosts on Talking Stars and am currently attempting to be a vlogger of some sort, although that's a work in progress ;)

27 thoughts on “Play To The Whistle Blogathon”

    1. Hey Charlene! That is absolutely fine, we’ll be happy to have you join in. Just email your review to me or Josh once it’s ready and we’ll sort the rest out for you. One of us will let you know when it’s been posted as part of the blogathon πŸ™‚

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    1. Cheers Rob! It’ll be great to have you on board!
      It’s running up to July 8th, and yep, you can choose any sport you like. Like I’ve said in the post, just email your post/s over whenever you’re ready πŸ™‚


      1. Huh? What did I do???? Ah…with re-watching it… πŸ˜‰
        At the moment, I have so many on my list that if I don’t do something like this with a movie I really want to re-watch, I don’t get to it!

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  1. Since we have a lot of time, I’ll be wanting to get a few in. I definitely want to write one on “Hoosiers” with Gene Hackman. One of my all time sport faves. How will you accept the entries? Can we post them first on our blog to do we have to wait?

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