Tuesday Top Ten – My Favourite Bruce Willis Films

This Sunday just gone, it was Bruce Willis’ birthday, so what better time for me to take a look back on some of my favourite films of his? It was tough narrowing this list down if I’m honest – I’ve seen a few too many Bruce Willis films in the last few years. Trimming the shortlist from 25 to 10 was hard, but I got there eventually.
10. Split

Fair enough, this maybe wouldn’t be considered a Willis film by most, but the way I see it is he appeared in it, so it counts. So far this year, this has probably been my favourite mainstream film to come out, however because it’s not really a Willis film, I couldn’t put it any higher.

9. The Jackal

This film is a guilty pleasure of mine, and it is one of my favourites by Brucie. For me, there’s a few plus points with The Jackal, not least Richard Gere’s god-awful Irish accent – I think he would have given Brad Pitt a run for his money in Snatch. I find it to be a fun watch, even if it is considered to be rather terrible my a lot of people.

8. Over The Hedge

This Dreamworks animation is one I always enjoy watching. Willis plays RJ, and isn’t exactly a good guy, but isn’t quite a supervillain either. While they’re never equal to the quality of Pixar’s early years, I do like Dreamworks films for the fact that they push their innuendos and disguised adult humour a bit further than most kids’ films.

7. Twelve Monkeys

This was a film that I really enjoyed for the first half, maybe even the first three quarters of it’s runtime, however it was after this point that it lost me entirely. Willis may have been the lead in the film, but it was Brad Pitt who was terrific here, and he was the reason I stuck with the whole thing to the end.

6. Die Hard With A Vengeance

This third instalment in the franchise is my favourite after the original. I loved the partnership between Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, which is a pairing that will feature more than once on this list. There are a number of scenes in this film that really make me laugh, but also there was plenty of action to go with them.

5. Lucky Number Slevin

I liked this film, but it was nothing special. I watched Tarantino-esque Lucky Number Slevin a few years ago and just thought it tried a bit too hard to be something it wasn’t. Nonetheless, it was a bit of fun and I’m glad I watched it.

4. Sin City

Sin City was a film that I also watched a few years ago and enjoyed, although to this day I’m still not entirely sure what actually went on throughout the story. Willis played a key character here in the form of Hartigan and was his usual wonderful self as a grizzled law enforcer. The man knows what he’s good at, and he’s reasonably good at sticking to it.

3. Unbreakable

I remember when I first watched Unbreakable, I don’t think I was overly impressed by it – I enjoyed it, but was singing from the rooftops about it. Looking back however, I can appreciate it far more. It is a brilliant film that I am planning to revisit very soon, and was also part of the reason why I enjoyed Split so much.

2. Pulp Fiction

Of course Tarantino’s best known film had to feature here somewhere. Willis’ role as Butch Coolidge here was brilliant, and in a line up of some really great characters, he completely held his own.

1. Die Hard

It would have been sacrilege to not put Die Hard at number one in a list of my favourite Bruce Willis films. This will always be known as the film that made him into a huge action star, and also the film that raised the bar for the action genre. 

So that’s all ten of my favourite Bruce Willis films. I enjoyed each and every one of them for different reasons, as I also did with many of the films that didn’t make the list. What would you include that I didn’t? Let me know via the comments below.  


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Kira Comerford

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12 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten – My Favourite Bruce Willis Films”

  1. Really good list! I enjoyed parts of The Jackal, and I can see how it can be a guilty pleasure film. I have a hard time getting over the giant remote controlled gun platform designed to kill the First Lady though lol

    Have you ever seen the original Day of the Jackal? It’s a bit on the slow side, but it’s REALLY well done (and Edward Fox is fantastic in it, as is Michel Lonsdale a.k.a. Hugo Drax in Moonraker).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers Carl! There are a few parts that are a bit hard to try and convince yourself of with it, but I think guilty pleasure definitely covers my feelings on the film.
      I’ve never seen the original, it’s one of those films that are on The List. I’ll probably record it next time it comes on TV here.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. great list Kira, mine would be slightly different bc DH2 would make the list along with The 5th element, perhaps looper and also Nobody’s fool. I would drop sin city, 12 monkeys, lucky and over the hedge! keep up the great work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Rob! This was a fun one to do. The 5th Element is one of the few of his films I haven’t seen, and I really just lost the will to live with Looper after a while haha. They are some good suggestions though, I’ll have to keep an eye out for Nobody’s Fool too.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. DH2 is definitely underrated, though I do have to give the edge to With a Vengeance mostly for the Sam Jackson factor and despite the fact that the movie falls apart halfway through.

      Drop 12 Monkeys?? Them’s fightin’ words! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I wish I could watch Bruce Willis films but it’s really off putting when he is the spitting image of my dad hahaha I just burst out laughing every time!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Interesting list. Die Hard and Pulp Fiction are the two movies which come to my mind when I think “Bruce Willis”, but I am a bit surprised not to see here The Sixth Sense. I also love The Fifth Element.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really wasn’t a fan of The Sixth Sense just didn’t work for me at all, and The Fifth Element is one of the few Willis films I’m yet to see. There are certainly a couple of guilty pleasures on my list, and definitely some that are proudly there too.

      Liked by 1 person

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