Review – Black Mirror Season 1

An anthology series focusing on the darker aspects of life and technology.Normally, I would go a little further into detail about the plot about whatever film or TV show I’m about to review, but that’s kind of difficult to do with Black Mirror, or at least that’s what I’m led to believe after viewing season one of Charlie Brooker’s show. Each episode from the pilot tells a completely different story about completely different people, and if I’m completely honestly with you, I can’t really be bothered with explaining the plot from each of these three stories. I would usually try to go above and beyond for you guys, but I’m currently living hand-to-mouth with my reviews and if I plan on getting them out on the days I intend to… well, you’re starting to get the picture.  

Anyway, back to Black Mirror – I initially wasn’t sure about this one. It was homework for a podcast episode and so that’s the reason I watched it. I have to admit that, given the nature of the show’s narrative style, I was more in love with some episodes than I was others. However, the show has done enough to spark my interest and to make me want to stick with it through it’s other seasons.

The episodes I have seen were host to a plethora of talented British performances, and provided a good insight as to what audiences here have to look forward to seeing on their screens as a decent number of these performances came from up-and-coming actors. A particularly honourable mention goes to Daniel Kaluuya who I had only previously seen in Sicario (a good place to have only previously seen him in though). He played the lead in 15 Million Merits, the second story of the season, and was tremendous to watch. It was a stand-out for me, and kept my attention through the episode that, I felt, was the weakest of the three I’ve seen.

The way this show is written makes each episode feel more like a short movie, which is a good thing in a way as if you’re someone who doesn’t consistently have a lot of time to sit and follow a TV show from start to finish, you don’t lose where you are with a story that runs throughout. Of course, this has it’s problems as well. If you’re someone who likes the draw of a story that runs through a show, this show can be tough to sit down and get into from episode to episode, or at least that’s what I found. Because there was nothing that could ever be left on a cliff-hanger to carry over to the next episode, I found it hard to dedicate time to go back and watch the next episode each time I finished the one I was on. Personally I prefer something bigger to get my teeth into, but that’s just the sort of thing I like.

On the whole, I can’t say I would 100% recommend Black Mirror to anyone just yet. The show has done enough to gain my curiosity, but I’ll need to see more before I can come to any sort of solid judgement about it. Somehow, I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea, but I’ll persevere and see what happens.

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8 thoughts on “Review – Black Mirror Season 1”

  1. This is a brilliant show where episodes are linked thematically in regard to humanities dealings with technology. Each one stands alone a and represents a terrifying and on occasions hopeful look at the future. You should definitely watch them all. It’s Tales of the Unexpected for the Twitter generation.

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    1. I will hopefully get round to watching the rest of the show at some point. I just find it to be a struggle getting into each episode when each one starts from scratch every time. I don’t think it’s entirely my thing to be honest, but then you can’t win them all.

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  2. I understand your perspective. What’s great about the anthology-style is you can dip in and out and also not have to watch in a certain order. If narratives involving Prime Ministers having relations with pigs aren’t for you try the episode ‘San Junipero’ in Season 4 which is less dark and quite touching.

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    1. Yeah that is one good thing about it – all the episodes are there for you to come and go as you please and you don’t have to worry about losing the story. I’ll check out that episode – it might be more for me 🙂

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  3. I’ve watched all 3 seasons of Black Mirror. It’s a brilliant show, you should definitely keep watching. The episodes get ‘bigger’ as the show progresses, especially in the last season where many of them are set in America. It’s all a satire, which is my kind of thing, but I see where you’re coming from in regards to the lack of cliff hangers. But your thoughts might change if you watch more episodes. Cool review.

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    1. Thanks! I definitely plan on watching all the other episodes eventually, but I think this will be when I have no other shows on the go to take priority. It’s good to watch something different for once though 🙂

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  4. I am so sad 😦 You didn’t like this series and I recommended it to you, challenged you with it in fact 😉 This may have something to do with our podcast not recording, I know it frustrated me! Black Mirror may not be your thing but I hope when you have some time, you’ll let them run in the background whilst studying or blogging. I enjoyed them but I certainly agree different strokes are for different folks.

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    1. Haha, it’s safe to say the technical difficulties with the podcast had nothing to do with this one. I’m still going to watch all the other episodes, but when this will be I don’t know – it just doesn’t have the same draw for me that other shows do unfortunately :/

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