Tuesday Top Ten – Most Anticipated Films Of 2017

My second Top Ten is taking a look at the films that have caught my attention as we come into 2017. This list comes in order of release date, and doesn’t in any way represent which films I am looking forward to more. Let’s begin, shall we?

10. La La Land (out now)

The things that I have already heard/read about this film have made me sway towards it. It hadn’t been on my radar at all, but good reviews started coming in and then I saw the trailer at the cinema before Christmas. It seems to me as though La La Land with be an uplifting musical drama that will raise spirits and, if nothing else, will probably win numerous awards for what I can only imagine will be a terrific soundtrack and score.

9. Manchester By The Sea (out now)

A few things caught my eye here. Firstly, I really like Casey Affleck – I thought he played a good supporting character in Good Will Hunting, plus he was terrific in Out Of The Furnace (check it out if you haven’t already). To have him as the lead here is a big draw for me. The storyline may not be the most overly original plot, but I just have a good feeling about this film given the cast and the release date. I will definitely be checking out Manchester By The Sea as soon as I get the chance.

8. Live By Night (out 13 Jan)

I’m a self-confessed history geek, but I find some periods in history more interesting than others. One of my favourite periods is the Prohibition Era in 1920s America, which is why I’m looking forward to Live By Night. Upon closer inspection, the cast also looks pretty good, with a handful of big names popping up on the quiet. It’s had mixed reviews in the U.S. where it’s already out, but I do have a soft spot for films like this. We’ll see how it goes.

7. Split (out 20 Jan)

To say I’m a bit excited about this film would be an understatement. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the trailer, or checked when it was set to come out in cinemas. James McAvoy is playing a man with 24 different personalities and is going to kidnap some girls. You all know by now how much I love a good psychopathic villain in films, and McAvoy is showing extreme promise here. The only thing that worries me slightly is M. Night Shyamalan is directing, and I haven’t been 100% wowed by his films in the past, but maybe this can change that.

6. Fences (out 10 Feb)

Another film that is set to come out that will have a lot of history behind it is Fences. Seeing Denzel Washington’s face on the poster was enough to grasp my curiosity, and when I went to find out more, I was rather pleased by what I discovered. Viola Davis will co-star alongside Washington. I loved her in The Help, and think she will be perhaps the best match for the lead actor here. Black history is another area of history that hugely interests me, so it will be good to see another film that explores that.

5. Moonlight (out 17 Feb)

We’ve had a bad deal here in England with this one I think. Moonlight has been out in America for ages, yet we still have to wait another month to see it. The wait has been hard, as I have yet to hear a bad thing about this film. People have really loved this film for it’s performances and the issues it raises. Are awards in this film’s future? By the sounds of things, I’d say so.

4. The Eyes Of My Mother (out 24 March)

This is the film I know the least about on this whole list, which holds an awful lot of excitement for me in itself. I don’t know if it’s a foreign or English speaking film, or what it is about entirely. I don’t even know any of the cast members. The Eyes Of My Mother has me going in blind (pun intended), but I really like what little information I do know about this film. I’ve become quite adventurous with horror films over the last few months or so, with my viewing of the Saw franchise and that glorious film, The Hills Have Eyes, so I know that even if I hate the film, I’ll have a grand old time with the review afterwards.

3. Free Fire (out 31 March)

If nothing else, this film will be so much fun! The idea of the plot is something that has me in much anticipation of it’s release, and then there’s also the cast has a couple of low-key huge talents dotted amongst it i.e. Brie Larson and Cillian Murphy. The film is set in 70s Boston, and focuses on the meeting of two rival gangs in a warehouse. Already I am beginning to think about what songs are going to feature in the score of this film. 

2. The Zookeeper’s Wife (out 5 May)

I love Jessica Chastain. I think she has been excellent in every film I’ve seen her in to date, which include Interstellar and The Martian, although she was only in those for relatively short amounts of time. She is set to warm hearts in (another) historical drama, The Zookeeper’s Wife, which is based on the true story of Antonina Zabinski. I think this has potential to be a wonderful family film, although I’m aware no age ratings have been released yet, so I could be completely wrong there.

1. Alien: Covenant (expected 19 May)

I have to say, the only reason I really picked Alien: Covenant was because I needed ten films and I was running it of films where the poster caught my eye – I know… It’s not the recommended way of deciding which films you’re looking forward to, but it’s worked okay for me in the past so I’ll stick with it for now. I haven’t seen a single film in the franchise yet, although I plan on changing that before this comes out, hopefully, early in the summer.

So there’s the handful of films I’m most looking forward to for at least this half of 2017. What do you think of my top ten? Would you have picked anything different? Let me know! It’s always good to talk film with you guys, so leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions you think should have made an appearance here.


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