And it all ends with Saw: The Final Chapter

A deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s legacy while the past of yet a Jigsaw survivor comes back to bite him.The man now in charge of the notorious investigation is Detective Matt Gibson (Chad Donella), who is trying to track down a psychotic Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) just as Jigsaw’s widow Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell) is also trying to kill him. However, both Jill and Gibson fail miserably in their objectives. She runs to Gibson offering to list every crime committed by Hoffman in return for full immunity. Meanwhile, Jigsaw survivor Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery) is taken alongside his wife and entourage for one last game.

I finally made it! The last furlong in the franchise has been completed, and it kind of made Saw VI worth it. It had one of the same major faults as the last two films have, but all loose ends were tied up sensibly, so I can’t really ask for more than that.

There weren’t really any performances that stood out for me. There were no new characters brought into the mix that stuck in my mind, and Hoffman wasn’t really in it that much for me to talk about Costas Mandylor’s role in the films for one final time.

It was that same disjointed feeling the story had that was what let the whole thing down so much. Just the final showdown elements would have been enough – I could have lived quite happily for the rest of my life without having been introduced to Bobby Dagen. As I’ve been saying in my last couple of reviews, the films have been feeling like they are two halves very lazily put together.

However, there were elements of Saw: The Final Chapter that I was very much a fan of. To start with, we found out what happened to Dr. Lawrence Gordon after he escaped that disused bathroom right at the beginning of the saga. Cary Elwes made a return, and finally, so many of life’s big questions were answered for me.

Then there was the demise of Jill Tuck – something I was absolutely thrilled about! She was easily the character I disliked the most in the whole franchise. The only criticism I have regarding this matter is the fact that it couldn’t have happened in Saw III when we first met the delightful woman.

I’ll admit that I was left quite contented by the way Saw: The Final Chapter rounded off the franchise. In fact, the films in general were quite enjoyable for me. For the most part, the story was alright, but the biggest thing for me was the fact that the majority of the characters who appeared were actually in possession of a brain – something that I have discovered is quite a rarity in many horror films. It is for that reason that I would recommend the franchise to people, but would be mindful to tell them that the longer you stick with the films, the more… open-minded you need to be with them.


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