Saw IV begins to set the traps… 

Jigsaw has gone to ground, but his games continue.After discovering the body of Detective Kerry, two FBI agents, Peter Strahm (Scott Patterson) and Lindsey Perez (Athena Karkanis) are called in to try and track down the serial killer before anymore bodies are to be discovered. They assist case veteran Detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) in putting together the pieces of the puzzles that they hope will lead them to Jigsaw. However, SWAT Commander Rigg (Lyriq Bent) struggles to accept that there was nothing he could’ve done to help Kerry. This grief threatens to hold back the investigation, so Hoffman tells him to take some time to get his head straight. Rigg is then abducted and forced to take part in one of Jigsaw’s games, and stakes are high. Remember Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) from Saw II? Well, Rigg has ninety minutes to finish the game and save his life.

Once again, I am reviewing another film the Saw franchise . This time it is number four I am looking. The fourth instalment takes a look at another side of the story first started in the second film and explored in more detail in the third. The only problem is I’m not entirely sure whose side this film tells the story of.     

Saw IV sees us being introduced to agent Peter Strahm for the first time. Scott Patterson is really good to watch as he attempts to put an end to the killer’s dastardly games. As Strahm, he is completely convincing with his determination to track down Jigsaw and his accomplices – one of which is now suspected to be part of the police department. It is kind of nice having someone who you know almost for certain is a good guy genuinely trying to catch the man who has caused so many problems for so long.

Lyriq Bent played one of the main victims, Commander Rigg, in this film. Up to now, he had played a recurring character, but it is here that he became a part of the main event. Bent gave a desperate performance as the SWAT commander, and it was fairly evident that the situation he had found himself in had him torn. The whole game was a battle many sorts for his character, and Bent made this quite evident.

Again, the story here showed another side of the early stages of Jigsaw’s saga, although I am puzzled slightly as to whose perspective this film shows. I also have a small issue I would like to voice as well, that I hadn’t realised was such a huge issue until I came to write this review. Whilst trying to write that synopsis at the start, I found myself on the brink of a nervous breakdown as I tried to figure out the sequence of events of the film. Something that would have been of great help would have been some subtext on screen to show the passage of time. You know, one of those ‘Three days earlier’ things. Would have saved me a great deal of hardship let me tell you.

Overall, Saw IV is another enjoyable addition to the franchise, but this is the film where problems for the series start to arise I think. Personally, I found it needed to be watched in quick succession after number three, and even after that, the chronology of the plot still posed me some issues. That being said, do you really think this was enough to turn me off of the rest of the franchise? Of course not – I’m fully committed to the films now, so you’re still stuck with another three Saw reviews yet.


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