Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead is one I’d maybe recommend

After quite severely bitching a job, five criminals face imminent death.

Reformed gangster Jimmy The Saint (Andy Garcia) has gone straight by recording messages of the terminally-ill so they can give ‘Afterlife Advice’ to their loved ones. Business for his company begins to slow and he is forced to turn to a loan shark to keep the whole thing afloat and to accommodate his own expensive personal taste. The proposition from an underworld overlord who is an old acquaintance of Jimmy’s comes at completely the right time with and attractive sum of money attached to it. Jimmy takes up the offer and assembles a team of ex-associates to carry out one last job. but when it all goes wrong, Jimmy and the gang become the ones with the price on their heads, and one by one, they are tracked down and prevented from ruining any future ventures for good.

As a lover of a good gangster film with an all-star cast, its not hard to guess what attracted me to Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead. It is a film that i enjoyed, although I didn’t think it was the finest the genre has to offer. That being said, I would quite happily watch it again.

The cast had some real heavy weights amongst it. Andy Garcia was the loveable rogue, Jimmy The Saint. He gave the character some real charm and gave the impression that Jimmy was one of those old-school gangsters, which was good to see in a lim that isn’t really that old. He brought forward some of the class and subtlety that The Godfather possessed way back in the 70s which i liked a lot.

I was quite surprised to see Fairuza Balk’s name in the opening titles – I hadn’t realised she was in the film. i thought her character was a nice addition to the film as she worked well in showing the softer side of Jimmy and showed us how he earned the nickname of ‘The Saint’. She was also very entertaining to watch at times and managed to lift the film out of some of it’s heavier moments.

The film cam e with a fairly standard storyline, but i felt it was done well enough in order to make it watchable for most. There were tinges of comedy flecked throughout and pretty good characters to keep the masses entertained. I had personally expected a bit more action, and cant help but feel slightly disappointed by what was actually on offer, but I can’t complain as the final result was a solid film.

Overall, it might not be earth shattering, but Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead is an entertaining way to pass a few hours of your time. I found it to be quite an enjoyable flick with nothing that required too much brainpower or hard work to figure out. It might not be for everyone, but it is certainly worth checking out.


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Kira Comerford

Film and TV lover with hopes to one day make my own projects for everyone to enjoy. Until then, I'm giving my thoughts on what I watch for inspiration.

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