Review – Spy

A CIA desk-jockey volunteers to go undercover to get inside the world of an international arms dealer.

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a desk bound CIA analyst. She is the unsung hero behind most of the Agency’s most dangerous missions. However, disaster strikes when her partner, Bradley Fine (Jude Law) goes off the grid. Susan volunteers to go where she has never gone before – undercover – in a bid to avenge her missing partner, and prevent a global crisis.

Spy is one of the more recent collaborations between actress Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig. I quite enjoyed their buddy movie, The Heat, and so when I got the chance to see this I was more than ready for it. It is a film that I found to be rather funny, with one performance in particular standing out for me.

I’ll start with McCarthy. In a way, she played two different here – the real Susan and the undercover Susan, While they were both entertaining, undercover Susan was the persona I preferred. She was the same type of character McCarthy played in The Heat – a ballsy, foul-mouthed woman who refuses to take any nonsense from anyone. I understand that she may be an acquired taste when in such roles, but I like it. For me, it works. 

Jude Law was excellent as super spy Bradley Fine. His character was the epitome of all those cheesy James Bond roles that have emerged over the years. He was so cringeworthy, but that’s why I loved watching him.

Now we move onto my favourite character in the whole film. Jason Statham played Rick Ford, a spy who had done it all. I was left absolutely destroyed by some of his lines. My favourite had to be the one about Barack Obama – a good ten minute break was needed from the film after that one. Apparently, Paul Feig wrote the character with Statham in mind, and that’s why I think it worked so well. He was essentially an exaggerated version of himself, and that’s why it was so brilliant.

The story was equal to just about any other spy plot. Do not be mistaken, it is the comedy here that lifts the film from watchable to quite good. The narrative on the whole was pretty standard.

Overall, Spy is a solid film which I think could provide anyone with a few good laughs and a couple of hours’ light entertainment. It is definitely one of those movies where you could get a bunch of friends together to watch it with. And for me, after some of those glorious horror I’ve been watching of late, it made a nice change to watch something that I knew I’d have a fair chance of enjoying.

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