The Hills Have Eyes…but they’re closed, sleeping instead of suffering this rubbish

An American family gets lost in the desert after taking a wrong turn and find themselves being stalked by a group of militants.

The Carters are a typical American family travelling throughout the southwest. However, their trip takes a detour off the beaten path across the desert. They suffer a blow-out with their tyres and plough into a rock – an event that leaves them stranded in an area closed off from the rest of civilisation. The area was formerly used by the US government as nuclear test site. It was thought to be empty – but they were wrong. The Carters gradually realise they may have fallen into a trap perpetuated by the disgruntled residents of the area, who are intent on carrying out a gruesome massacre.

I thought I was being brave when I set out to watch The Hills Have Eyes the other night, however it could be said I was actually being rather stupid. How naïve of me to think that it would be a terrific film based on the four star rating the TV magazine had awarded it. I was mildly grossed out by the film, but was more disappointed than anything else.

Performances in horrors are something I have quite a big problem with most of the time. I really do struggle to find positives with the majority of them. Characters often have all the brains of a rocking horse, and therefore beyond lots of screaming, there really isn’t an awful lot else.

Ted Levine played the head of the Carter clan, Big Bob, and he probably was the most promising character of the bunch. At least, he was until he was killed off quite early on in the film. This left us with a group of hysterical characters who just about managed to have an ounce of intelligence between them. Of course, this didn’t put an end to some brainless antics that left me very frustrated. You would think it to be a big ask to have characters who had it together with some of the ones presented here.

The story was one of those that had potential, but never delivered all it could have. As a remake, I guess it had to stay fairly true to the original, but surely those in charge of these aspects noticed it could have been improved upon? Wasted potential is a thing that really bugs me – to think how great a film could’ve been, but to instead be presented with some pure tripe just really annoys me.

All in all, The Hills Have Eyes is yet another horror that left me very disappointed as opposed to shaking behind the sofa. Stupid characters wore my patience thin very quickly, while the boring ‘hero’ didn’t give me much to cheer for. I don’t really reserve the right to complain too much however, as I sat through the even worse sequel the next day…

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16 thoughts on “The Hills Have Eyes…but they’re closed, sleeping instead of suffering this rubbish”

  1. This is a perfect example f a remake getting a big budget, the original is so much rawer and does go a lot further but this does have a good extension to the story while meeting the mutants in the village. i can 100% say this is a classic compared to the sequel which is one of the worst films i have ever seen.

    the biggest problem is that this is an example of showing how far they can take violence in movies which is what certain people like in horror. i personally have never found gore scary and never will only one film tested me and that was Braindead (dead alive)

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    1. l’ll have to check out the original now just to feed my curiosity.
      I know completely where you are coming from with the sequel – that will get mauled even worse than this one, trust me!
      And now you mention it, I see what you mean with the violence. Like you, gore doesn’t generally bother me (although a budgie being squeezed like ketchup was something I hadn’t seen before *__*) but I like suspense a jump scares, or something that is going to leave me with some images I can’t unsee for a while. This didn’t deliver on that, and neither have many horror films I’ve seen, which is what disappoints me the most

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      1. Gore is easy to create as I will always say hostel is the perfect example of creating the idea of gore without actually showing you but it does make you think of every single moment being gore you only seen before and after shots.

        I have seen plenty of horrors that have one moment which is disturbing which I guess means works and I do like a well built up jump scare

        If you want the best ghost jump scare horrors just look into the j-horror they are bar far the best be it the grudge, dark water or my personal favourite one missed call.

        While I can’t say this hills is the best remake it is for sure the right type of remake to be making because the original had dated but showed great potential for a terrifying story from an early mr craven

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      2. I guess horrors are something I’m just going to have to lakes round with a little bit, and look at all the different sorts as I’ve not seen very many at all. Eventually I’m sure I’ll find something I’ll like, but until then I’ll have to sit through a few that I not overly fond of.
        That being said, I did very much enjoy The Conjuring when I watched that, and The Evil Dead was good as well, so there are horrors out there that I can happily watch – they’re not just myths! 😉

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      3. The conjuryings are both very good and Bruce Campbell start evil dead films are classic, horror is so big really and most of the films I get sent are horrors so I look at what they are trying to achieve because after a while you learn the jump scares with ease.

        If you like crime mysteries you will like the ones where a ghost is haunting someone to help uncover their death it is the sub genre I will watch all for too

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      4. Ghost hauntings are probably the ones I’d prefer I think – they always seem to build up tension more. Again, they are something that I need to find more of.
        There’s a couple of really old horrors that my dad keeps telling me to watch when we next see them anywhere, Salem’s Lot and a few others, so we’ll just see where they take me 🙂

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  2. I agree on all counts. I thought this film was really bad too be quite frank. A lot of people say it’s really good, but I don’t see it at all. I just kind of see it as a mindless horror film, it was all a bit unnecessary, so this is one I won’t be revisiting.

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    1. It is one that really just didn’t do it for me – I think it would have been a massive improvement just to have characters that were capable of simple thoughts processes. Alas, we got presented with these things and they were unbelievably testing.
      I shall be joining you in never watching this one again 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Haha, thank you! Be assured there’s always plenty to be found with me – especially in reviews of films I didn’t like. And I’ll be sure to spin by and check you out.

      Thanks for taking time out to stop by 🙂

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