Twelve is the new eleven

Daniel Ocean recruits one more team member to pull off three major European heists.

After successfully stealing $160million from ruthless casino boss Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) three years before, Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and ten of his cohorts think they’ve had a clean getaway. However, three and a half years after completing the original job, Benedict rocks up demanding back his money plus interest. Obviously, with each of the ‘master’ criminals having a share of the $160million, none of them have been living rough. They have two weeks to get the money together for Benedict and given that there is no way they can get a job in the U.S, Ocean and the boys decide to go to Europe. Wingman Rusty (Brad Pitt) recommends Amsterdam because he knows a guy with connections – however he doesn’t tell Danny that there is also another reason for wanting to go there. They all show up for the job they were given, only to find that someone else beat them to it, and come to the conclusion that their competition was also the one who shopped them to Benedict. They track down the rat who modestly believes himself to be the greatest their in the world and who challenges them to steal something – the condition being that he will put up the money for Benedict if they succeed. Ocean accepts and the challenge begins, however all has to be done with the keen eyes of a Europol operative on them.

Ocean’s Twelve is, or course, the follow up to Ocean’s Eleven – the raucously entertaining crime caper directed by Steven Soderbergh. Although it’s considered not to be a patch on its predecessor, I rather enjoyed Ocean’s Twelve. It came with the same outrageous scams and wonderful cast that the first did, even if it didn’t quite have the same magic as it.

Ok, so I’ll start with Mr Ocean himself, George Clooney. He brought the same charms and wit to the role as he did the first time and was great fun to watch. Personally, I love him as Danny – he brings a real smile to my face and I think you can’t help but want him to pull off whatever he’s got planned this time.

Then there was Brad Pitt as Rusty who was equally as brilliant also. The thing I really like about Pitt as his character is the dry tone he adopts for some of his lines because the way he says some things just makes my day. His and Clooney’s chemistry is also wonderful and really shows how much fun they had whilst making the films.

Catherine Zeta-Jones starred as Isabel Lahiri, the Europol operative who also happened to be an old flame of Rusty’s. She was determined to stop the boys pulling off the heist no matter what. It was good to see another female actress alongside Julia Roberts in this film as the Ocean’s trilogy does boast a largely male cast, and what made it even better was that she was a strong female character.

As well as those three, there was of course Garcia and Roberts and the likes of Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Elliot Gould, Bernie Mac and Casey Affleck from the first film, plus cameos from Robbie Coltrane, Albert Finnie, Eddie Izzard and even – and this was a massive surprise to me – Bruce Willis. It was, you could say, a very star-studded occasion.

I thought the general storyline was good, despite being very similar to the first, and there were the same hilariously comedic moments – I may or may not stand alone from the crowd here, but I thought having Julia Roberts play herself was funny.

On the whole, I think it’s fair to say I hugely enjoyed Ocean’s Twelve, and I would say to anybody who has seen the first to make sure they see this one as well. It is very similar to the first, but that also means it’s full of the same character and charisma too. Roll on Ocean’s Thirteen is all I say!


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