Scarface makes a lasting impression

An ambitious Cuban immigrant arrives Miami and takes over a drug cartel whilst also succumbing to his own greed.

Tony Montana (Al Pacino) and his close friend Manny Ray (Steven Bauer) go to America as political refugees. Tony kills a big Cuban political figure and this enables him and Manny to leave the refugee camp and have free roam of the U.S. They Ray their best to make it legitimately, but are unsuccessful in their attempts, so they turn to selling cocaine to dealers all around the world. Tony rises quickly through the ranks, but he makes plenty of enemies and eventually his own greed and paranoia bring him crashing back down to earth.

I thought Scarface was brilliant! It’s one of those films you could sit down in front of with a bunch of food and a couple of drinks at the end of the week and just chill. It is easy to follow, yet it is not monotonous and at no points gets boring. It has a very charismatic lead, some very funny moments and that line that means anyone will watch right up to the end just to get the opportunity to say that alongside Pacino. Yes, it’s violent, and no, it might not be one you’ll be in a hurry to show your seven year old kid, but its a bloody good film that everybody could sit and watch again sometime in the future.

As per, Pacino was captivating. There is not way I can’t watch this man! He just mounds to everything he sets his sights on. As the gutsy little immigrant trying to make a name for himself in America, Pacino made me laugh, had me hanging off the edge of my seat, and he made me feel a tiny bit sorrowful at the end when (spoiler alert) he was killed and the end credits started rolling. I know that he hadn’t been the best behaved character, but he had provided me with some raucous entertainment for the best part of three hours. His performance alone was riotous, but it was his chemistry with Bauer that made for the most fun, especially at the beginning.

Speaking of Bauer, his role as Manny was wonderful. He was like Tony’s little brother, and this became apparent with the way they got on with each other. For the majority of the film, Manny most of his time just trying to get laid. On a number of occasions, his turn-downs were very funny and they brought a real smile to my face. He started out as a seemingly hapless soul, but as the film went on he became Tony’s voice of reason, and this is probably where the film took a more serious turn, but it did work very well. I think that was needed so you took them seriously as the ‘businessmen’ they were trying to be.

I really liked the way the story followed Tony on his rise to fame. You got a real feel for how things were and the sorts of stunts he had to pull. He was great fun to watch as he climbed through the ranks building his empire, and some of his associates were very colourful characters. It made the film very entertaining and so enjoyable to sit through.

All in all, I thought Scarface was a brilliant film. The characters were wonderful and their huge personalities made for excellent viewing that didn’t once lose my attention. It’s certainly one to give a spin.  

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Kira Comerford

Film and TV lover with hopes to one day make my own projects for everyone to enjoy. Until then, I'm giving my thoughts on what I watch for inspiration.

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