Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie was not D’Bomb

A big company tries to shut down Mrs Brown’s fruit and veg stall.

When Moore Street market-trader Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) finds her livelihood under threat from a ruthless developer, she and her family embark on a campaign to save her stall, aided as only the Browns will be by a motley troop of blind trainee ninjas, an alcoholic solicitor and a barrister with Tourette’s.

Well, well, well, what on earth did I watch last night? Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is what, an by God, I wish I hadn’t. It was awful, and that comes from someone who thoroughly enjoyed the series. And to think that we thought about going to see it in the cinema! I’m glad we didn’t.

The thing I really liked about the series is that it was very, very funny. D’Movie was not. In. The. Slightest. I think in the space of about an hour and a half, I smiled four times – not a giggle, just a smile, or maybe even a grimace. And the thing is I’ve cried at some points during the series, so the fact that the whole thing only managed to raise a grin at best is not great. I think what makes this even worse still is the idea that some of the out-takes were left in the final cut of the film (if you can call it that) and it was those at which perhaps I smiled the most. Did you notice how I didn’t say ‘laughed’ at any point there?

The story was not that great either. With a lot of these things you always know how they’re going to end, but normally the bit in the middle is worth watching. But, as I’ve already pointed out, it wasn’t funny and the plot was just stupid. All I’m saying is what the hell would Russian gangsters want with a Dublin market stall holder anyway?

All in all, anyone who has a shred of self-respect may want to avoid Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie at all costs. It is a monumental failure by comparison to the series which actually manages to raise a laugh, and quite a few at that. May I suggest you stick your head in a blender instead? It’ll only be half as painful as enduring this monstrosity. 

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Kira Comerford

Film and TV lover with hopes to one day make my own projects for everyone to enjoy. Until then, I'm giving my thoughts on what I watch for inspiration.

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