And now, she will kill Bill…

In the second half of the roaring rampage of revenge, The Bride continues her quest of vengeance against her former employer and lover, and a further two of her ex-colleagues.

After disposing of O’Ren-Ishii and Vernita Green, The Bride (Uma Thurman) moves in on the final three names on her death list; Budd, or ‘Sidewinder’ (Michael Madsen), Elle Driver, or ‘Califironia Mountain Snake’ (Daryl Hannah), and, of course, as implied by the titles of both films, Bill, or ‘Snake Charmer’ (David Carradine). The final name on the list will prove itself to be The Bride’s biggest challenge yet as Bill was her boss, teacher, and lover, but even now, the ball is in his court as he has B.B, the daughter The Bride thought she had lost during her four year coma. Despite everything, The Bride knows one thing for definite – she will kill Bill.

After Vol. 1 must come Vol. 2, so here it is! And with it comes the start of a great debate – which one was better? Personally, I prefer to take the two films as one, because that’s basically what they are, and that’s the form in which I prefer to watch them. This also means that I cleverly avoid having to answer that very difficult question that I would say divides families. On this occasion, however, between you and me, I would probably lean more towards Vol. 1 if I had to choose, for reasons you’re about hear very shortly.

David Carradine played the legendary Bill, however he was a slightly underwhelming action man – all he did really was make sandwiches and talk about superheroes and comic books. Nonetheless, we weren’t to underestimate him. He proved himself to be fairly deadly right before the end, it just so happened that The Bride was deadlier. Carradine’s performance still left no trace of a doubt that Bill wasn’t a nice guy, it was just a shame that his full villainous potential wasn’t fully displayed in the final showdown.

Of the two films, this is definitely the slightly more docile one. It focuses more on the story behind the ones she is about to massacre. It’s good because it gives her more substance, but for people who were expecting a repeat performance of the first film where there are fights such as that that took place at the House of Blue Leaves may be slightly disappointed. There is only really the one big fight in it which, don’t get me wrong, is brilliant, but that’s just a warning to any action fans who might be expecting something similar again.

 you may also have got a slight hint that I wasn’t overly impressed with the character of Bill. You wouldn’t be far wrong. He just fizzled out after we had waited the best part of three and a half hours for a monumental final showdown. It was just a bit of an anticlimax is all.

Now, I know it sounds like I’ve just sold Kill Bill Vol. 2 down river, but I cannot stress enough that despite the few things that I’m not quite so fond of, this is still a very good film. I honestly think that in order to get the best out of them, you do have to view both films together as one – something that we may all find ourselves doing again in the near future as Vol. 3 has not been completely ruled out.


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