Meet The Parents gets my approval

A male nurse has to face the prospect of spending the weekend with his girlfriend’s parents.

Just as Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) is about to propose to girlfriend Pam (Teri Polo), she gets a phone call from her sister telling her that she has just gotten engaged to a man she has only known for a couple of months. Both Greg and Pam are amazed, but apparently it’s only because he sister’s fiancé asked for their dad, Jack’s (Robert De Niro) blessing first, and he gave it. This gives Greg the idea that he should probably ask as well, but things don’t go quite as well for him.

Meet The Parents has got to be one of the best comedies that near enough the whole family could perhaps sit and watch that I have seen in ages. I laughed so many times I couldn’t actually believe it myself.i think the best thing about it, and the reason Meet The Parents worked so well, was the fact that they cast Robert De Niro as the father that needed to be impressed. I do not think there is a man on this earth that would fancy their chances with him as their father-in-law. And then when he’s an ex-CIA agent and you just happen to be wanting to marry the apple of his eye – his eldest daughter – everything is bound to go wrong. And. It. Did.

I think when Stiller is on form, he is one of the best comedic actors there is. Let me tell you that he is on top form in this. Some may say that Greg if hapless, I just think he’s a bit unlucky. I mean, not only does he get De Niro as a father-in-law, but he then gets the job of saying grace at a family meal (Greg is Jewish) and knocks over the urn containing what would’ve been his grandmother-in-law had she still have been alive all during the first evening in their company. Stiller’s reactions to all these very unfortunate events are brilliant, however the reason I live and breathe now is purely down to the end scene where he speaks to the photograph of his dearest father-in-law. 

Greg looking suitably terrified

I loved De Niro in this. The man was hilarious as the very over-protective Jack. I first properly laughed at him as his thoughts on the grace delivered by Greg at dinner became apparent. Seriously, I think a little bit of wee came out – it was hysterical. Then there was the conversation about Puff, The Magic Dragon in the car. For someone whose roles in which I had previously seen him in had been very gritty, serious roles, it was wonderful to see De Niro playing a comedic part in something lighter and actually pulling it off. I don’t think he’s someone takes themselves too seriously, and that’s probably why he made the transformation so successfully.

If you’re a fan of Robert De Niro, you might like Goodfellas

The writing for Meet The Parents was excellent. I’d imagine it is a film that many people would laugh at because it is a very cleverly written and covers a subject that many can relate to. Plus, whoever up with Martha as a middle name for Pam so her marital name would be ‘Pam Martha Focker’, you are my hero!

Overall, Meet The Parents is a brilliant film that I firmly believe everyone should see. If ever you are in need of a good laugh, I would highly recommend you look no further than here for your fix. This film is very funny, and I think anyone who watches it will agree.


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