Mike can work his Magic on me any day

A make stripper takes a young teenage tearaway under his wing, teaching him how to party, pull women and make easy money. 

Thirty year old Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) has worked several jobs for a long time to reach his life goals. His dream career would be to design and build custom furniture, however setting his business up requires a lot of money and the banks just won’t lend it to him. The job that makes the most money for him is his position as the star attraction at male strip club Xquisite, owned and operated by Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) – a former stripper himself. Mike has no problem with stripping, but he knows it is a young man’s game. He meets nineteen year old Adam (Alex Pettyfer) in one of his other jobs, who is just starting out in his adult life. Mike promises to look out for Adam, who soon develops a taste for all aspects of the stripping lifestyle – the good and the very, very bad. Everyone’s lives play out against this back drop as they try to reach their own goals whilst also trying to look out for the ones they love.

Woah… I don’t think I have ever had so many gorgeous men thrust in front of my face in my entire life. I mean, I can understand why so many people were raving about Magic Mike. Women, for obvious reasons, were very excited, but there was, in all fairness, plenty for the blokes to like as well. There was the lads banter between Mike and Adam, and a lot of good times had by everyone, so it wasn’t exactly quite a full blown chick flick, although it wasn’t exactly The Hangover either. To cut a long story short, this film was a very enjoyable experience to be had by all.

A lot of this could be put down to the characters that were in the story, and the wonderful ways in which they were all played by their actors. Tatum was surprisingly good as Mike, although I think that was partly down to the fact that the actual character of Mike was completely different to how I envisaged him to be. For some reason I had the assumption that he was going to be some egotistical, vain, very self-centred Jack the Lad who would just take his t-shirt off to have women throw their money at him. The latter was slightly true, but the money was to help him achieve his dreams, so we’ll let him off. Tatum did make Mike seem human as he told the story of how he’d gotten to this point in his life, which is good as you could connect with him through his struggles. He did do a good job, bravo.

Pettyfer as Adam was also very good. He looked like all his Christmases had come at once when he first came off stage with wads of cash hanging out of his boxers. He also had great chemistry with Tatum despite reports that the two of them didn’t really get along all that well on set. The pair brought great laughs and many, many, MANY comical moments to the film.

There was, of course, the role of Dallas by McConaughey that a lot of people are saying is the one massive thing that is missing from the sequel. He brought his usual charm and charisma as he does with any film he is in and the wit I have come to love him for also there, so I can’t really complain there.

The other thing said to be missing from the sequel is the direction from Steven Soderbergh. I have not seen a lot of his work, but the things I have seen I must say I’ve enjoyed hugely and I can now add Magic Mike to that list. He has brought something together that could have been perceived to be the story of a very vain, arrogant world and made it a highly watchable film. Steven, I salute you!

Overall, and I understand I am a bit slow on the uptake here, I would seriously recommend you watch Magic Mike. It is a terrific bit of fun that would fill a Friday or Saturday with great entertainment to be enjoyed by everyone.  


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