Inside Out or The Reason I Am Slowly Losing All Faith In Pixar Animations

When young Riley is uprooted from her life in the Midwest and moved to San Francisco, there is some disagreement between her emotions on how to deal with such big events.

We all have various brain functions that govern the way we respond to various situations. Here, the functions responsible for Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger are personified and the way they run the life of young Riley is what drives the story of the film. Sudden, massive changes in Riley’s life seriously upset their rhythms and they try too hard to keep a lid on the situation, which leads to Riley being altogether more confused by what’s going on in her life. An accident with Riley’s happy memories changes he whole outlook on life, and Joy and Sadness have to find her memories and get back to HQ as soon as possible so Riley can try to get back to normality.

So, I’m going to stand alone from the crowd now and say that Inside Out has confirmed to me that the Pixar glory days are long gone. After a string of sequels and prequels, I had long been suspecting the above, but it seemed that there was hope yet as this film was going to rejuvenate the company famous for the likes of Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo. Well, I certainly wasn’t convinced. It kind of upsets me to think that all the time I was sat there in the cinema, myself and my dad kept looking at our watches in the hope that the whole thing would soon be over. And to think that Inside Out comes from the company who produced the staple films of many people’s childhood. The last film I know that was solidly enjoyed by all was Up – however it seems that those days are now behind us.

Voice performances were good, and the concept of the film was something of brilliance. It just lacked the execution. Inside Out didn’t have the magic that the earlier Pixar films had, and seeing as this film was marketed mainly as a return to form for the legendary animations company, it would appear that there was some false advertisement going on, or for me, at least.

In all honesty, I don’t really know what else to say about Inside Out. What I will say is that I’ve lost all faith in Pixar animations, and that if The Good Dinosaur doesn’t give me the lift I was expecting from this, it may be that my happy memories of childhood films are tinged with Sadness.


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Kira Comerford

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