And he’s back again in The Enforcer…

Once again, Dirty Harry is needed to keep San Fransisco safe, only this time, he must do so with a rookie female partner.

Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) is yet again banished from homicide after causing nearly $15,000 worth of damage at a liquor store and using excessive force. He is sent to personnel where they are interviewing fifty rookies for new inspector positions. Harry is quite dismayed to find that three of the new inspectors are to be female, and is even more disgruntled to discover that his new partner is to be one of them. Harry must foil a terrorist organisation with a woman in tow – something he’s not too excited about.

The Enforcer is the third instalment of the Dirty Harry series, and it’s nice to know that Hazza doesn’t let his colleagues disapproving glances get him down and stop him from doing the job he loves, he just carries on regardless. Now, whilst I did very much enjoy watching the film, I couldn’t help but feel that this was more or less the same thing we had seen in the first two films. Yes, it was a good action-thriller, but as the third time seeing the maverick cop go after some major criminals, I have to say that it was not what you might call original. The only real difference I noticed was the fact that Harry had a female partner in the form of Kate Moore (played by Tyne Daly) who he actually grew quite attached to. Nevertheless, The Enforcer was a bit of light escapism.

As the third film, this also saw Eastwood’s third outing as everybody’s favourite law enforcer. He returned to form as Harry as he set out on another crime fighting mission, unimpressed as he was paired with his new partner. However, once it was revealed that Kate could handle herself, Harry warmed to her very quickly, and I think it’s fair to say he soon got the hots for her. The dry sarcasm and no-nonsense talk was still there, only this time there was a protective sense about Eastwood’s performance as Harry felt a certain degree of responsibility over his female counterpart – a side it was nice to know he had.

Daly played Kate who found herself constantly having to try and prove herself to her partner right from the second they met. She was your typical rookie; did everything by the book and was outraged when Harry did some real policing. However, despite her disapproval for some of his methods, Kate soon became doe-eyed for the maverick, and before you knew it they were getting beers together and actually talking.

So, if you want to see Harry find love after a couple of earlier films, or there’s nothing on TV and you’ve an hour or so to kill, by all means give The Enforcer a spin. However, don’t expect too much to be out of the ordinary – Harry’s got tried and tested ways that work well for him, don’t expect him to start experimenting just for your benefit.    


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