After a desperate search, I finally found Prisoners!

On a Thanksgiving weekend, two little girls go missing and it is up to a desperate father and a detective to find them.

Whilst having dinner with friends, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) has to face every parents worst nightmare; his six year old daughter, Anna, has vanished along with her friend, Joy. The only lead is a dilapidated RV that he kids had been playing around earlier. The man who’s heading up the investigation into the disappearances, Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal), arrests the driver but lack of evidence leads to his release. Time goes by and the pressure mounts, knowing that with every moment that passes the chances of finding the two girls decreases, and Keller decides that there is nothing for it other than to take matters into his own hands. But just how far would he go for the sake of his daughter’s life?

YESSS! I finally got round to watching Prisoners. Whilst I was on holiday, I found a wonderful DVD shop and spent a good while looking through it. And I found this, and I’m so happy I did because I’ve been wanting to see it for ages. Was it worth the wait? I’d say it was, for the majority of the film at least. The story was so gripping, and it stayed that way throughout, which from a crime thriller is what you want – something that you can’t tear yourself away from.

On the back of the box, Time Out says it is ‘brilliantly acted’, and they are not wrong. Each of the lead performances were something fierce. Jackman as Keller was incredible. He was completely believable as he set off on his quest to find the missing girls, whilst also trying to hold it together for his remaining family members. He seemed to feel that he was expected to find the girls and you could sense the desperation in him. It was a very moving performance and, like Time Out said, brilliant.

Then we move onto Gyllenhaal. As always, he was amazing. He really got into the role and gave Detective Loki that special touch he gives any character he plays. He also got plenty of screen time which made me very happy. There is just something about his presence that can make a film for me, and was the main reason I wanted so badly to see Prisoners. I mean, yes, I’m the first to say he’s very easy to look at, and I suppose that always helps, but he is a remarkable actor and he goes for lots of tough roles in some very good films, so you can see why I get excited when I see his name on a poster somewhere.

As for the story, I also thought that was very good. There were all manner of twist and turns that I thought refreshed the whole thing constantly throughout, and this also meant you could never really say who had had anything to do with the children’s disappearance. In a way, for the style in which the story played out, I thought it was very similar to something you might see on True Detective as it was superbly tense and very dark. However, saying that, it was also a bit of a slow burner and therefore it might not be something to be enjoyed by huge action fans as it revolved massively around the storyline and the characters and not big explosions.

My one major problem was the ending, purely because I think they forgot to put one there. The way it finished, I thought, was ridiculous, but that seems to be something that has a habit of happening with some of the very good films I’ve been watching – they have been terrified for two and a half hours and then they just finish with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

Overall, I very much enjoyed Prisoners for many reasons, the main one being that I got a lot of Jake. Only joking – the story was so captivating and the characters all very complex. What more could you want? Oh right, a proper ending would be nice, but you can’t have everything I suppose. 


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